Legal research & writing, consulting and litigation management

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Legal Research, Writing and Editing

Maupin Redman provides legal research & writing for lawyers in solo and small firm practices who need to periodically outsource portions of their workload.

From last-second cite checking to total case strategy, we will help you figure out what the law is, and what it isn't.  Need someone to look over your motion papers before filing?  Or do you need someone to create your brief from scratch?  We are here to help. 

Litigation Consulting and Management

Gain the benefits of our experience without adding staff.

Let us work with your in-house legal team to develop an effective national litigation strategy.  We can also manage your local counsel and work with your insurance carriers to ensure your client gets what they paid for, not what the insurer wants to pay.

Document Review and Discovery

Do you have too many documents to review yourself, but not the time or budget to engage contract attorneys and bring them up to speed?  Or perhaps you're running out of time to review and summarize those deposition transcripts or to answer those interrogatories?  We can help.

Why Maupin Redman


We have more than 30 years combined legal experience, in jobs ranging from contract attorney to administrative law judge, solo practitioner to Fortune 500 in-house counsel to big law litigation partner.  We have practiced in state and federal courts around the country, and our briefs have won arguments all over.

Maupin Redman formed in 2015 with the goal of providing quality outsourced litigation support and legal research and writing to solo and small firm lawyers.  We also provide consulting and litigation management to our in-house clients.  We do so with an eye on work-life balance that keeps us fresh and energized for when our clients need us.

Prompt Engagement

At Maupin Redman, we keep control of our workload to ensure we are never too busy to give each client the attention their matter deserves.  While this does mean that we have to occasionally turn down projects, it generally means that we can start working on your project quickly, and be fully engaged right out of the gate.


We can help you reduce the cost of litigation for your client, allowing you more flexibility in your litigation strategy, or simply allowing you to present a more appealing pitch without the necessity of lowering your own hourly rate.

Maupin Redman operates virtually, maintaining no physical office, and incurring very little overhead.  We are therefore able to offer quality services at modest rates.  Or we will be happy to discuss flat fee services it that is preferable to you or your client.  We are flexible.  Talk to us, and we will try to meet your needs.


Every document we produce gets at least two sets of eyes.  An extra pass to catch errors, another opportunity to clean up language.  Two legal minds working through solutions rather than one.

Who We Are

Laura Maupin

Laura graduated from the University of Houston Law Center in 2002 and promptly moved to Minnesota.  There she initially worked as an Unemployment Law Judge, adjudicating hearings and representing the State in front of the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

From 2004 until forming Maupin Redman in 2015, Laura litigated cases in private practice in state and federal courts around the country.  She prosecuted and defended product liability and construction cases and worked on a wide variety of business disputes.  She has worked in both a small firm and as a partner in an AmLaw 100 firm.  She also worked in-house for a Fortune 100 company, managing product liability and commercial disputes

Michael Redman

Michael graduated from the University of Houston Law Center in 1999 and began practicing Consumer Law in Houston.  After moving to Minnesota in 2002, Michael engaged in a variety of contract and ad hoc positions, including Unemployment Law Judge, mortgage compliance analyst, staff attorney, and document review contract attorney, including team leadership.

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